Monday, April 8, 2013

Hi Jupiterians.

How's your world going today? Either I'm glad to hear what your thinking/saying, or I'm terribly sorry about your distress. You choose. My world kinda sucks right now, thanks for asking. My dad's parents are coming to "visit" soon...
This is the definition of hell. There are many definitions of hell in my own little world. This is numero uno. I don't know how much you know (or that I've told you) about them. They only talk to me and the people I live with when they want something. They don't care about me, nor my mom or dad or my little sister it seems. Quite honestly, I don't give a rat's ass either. And things got much more tense over the summer.

It all really kinda started when I was like fricking 4 years old. I was invited to my neighbor's birthday party and I had to drag my cousin Kayla with me. She's like a month younger than me (because her mom's a bitch like that... I'll explain later). The little neighbor boy gave out short pvc pipes with string and a cork attached to it. You blow into the open end of the pipe and the cork flies out with quite some force, enough to give someone a good bruise. Kayla shot the cork right into my eye. Then she ran off and bitched to her mother and claimed that I did that to her. You know what her mom did? She took me and Kayla into MY parent's room and whooped (spanked, hit, whatever you choose to call it) my butt and left quite a nice handprint. You know what else? She told Kayla to sit on that bed and watch. Ever since I was hesitant to be around anyone on that side of the family. No longer am I hesitant, rather I must restrain myself from beating the shit out of all of them. And I mean it. I thought my parents knew and that they were cool with it. Turns out, they didn't know. I went 9 years thinking that they were okay with what Gina did (aunt, Kayla's mom). I brought it up when I was on "vacation" last summer. Mind you, vacation in my household is getting to be away from everyone else. Therefore, I have never been on vacation. I digress. But I brought it up and instantly my parents thought I was lying. Which I was not. After some time they believed me. And now we're here.

Here really sucks. Going back to my grandparents (who I prefer to call Jack and Gwenn because they're not family. I don't love them). They only come to us when they want something. I feel like my neighbors are doing the exact same thing. She only calls when something goes wrong and she can't afford to fix it. "Oh Scott (my father) my hot water isn't working. Can you come take a look at it?" So he'll send an entire day over there fixing their hot water thingy and doesn't even get paid. A simple "Hey how's it going?" or "What was up with that ambulance last night?" would make me the happiest gal in the world.

It's quarter after 12 (MIDNIGHT!) and I have a long, dramatic day ahead of me. I'll talk to you fine folks later. Toodles Noodles!