Monday, January 28, 2013


Hello all,

I thought I'd just fill you all in on my intellectual badassness and what not. I quit twirling, so my title is now rather worthless. But it still teaches a huge lesson. DO NOT TWIRL IN THE HOUSE. Please :) I got my first job (some people may call it an internship) the other day and yesterday was my first day. So I got to the theatre (Rhode Opera House in Kenosha, WI) through the back door (feeling badass bro). I met the director and the stage manager and some other people. The director gave me a tour. I got to go up to the box. That shit's fucking awesome. The coffee stains on the carpet and the unfinished wood. And there's no glass between the box and the theatre, so I can actually hear what's going on. I'm a light/tech person. Just kidding. I'm a superior human. So eff everything. But back to my story. I keep losing focus. I hate about 99% of kids shows, yet I always end up laying around doing absolutely nothing but watching them. Now I shall attempt to get back on track. So the guy I'm supposed to work with wasn't there last night. So the guy that programmed the light board showed me how to work it. Seemed simple. I had to come 3 hours before we were to start, so I got to mark my script. Fun, right? So I was like 3 pages from finishing when we started. We went through the first maybe 20 minutes then the Kenosha news came to take pictures. That took an hour. So it was like 8pm and I had to leave at like 9:30. We were only like 4 or 5 scenes into the show. So we skipped over the majority of it and on to Act 2 scene 8. We were at the part where there's a reverse cyclone and Dorothy ends up back in Kansas (Wizard of Oz). Something went wrong so no one did anything. I had the cyclone lights going the whole time, and everyone decided that they'd just start talking. So no one did anything prouctive for like 20 minutes. The director originally planned that we'd be out of there by 9. I didn't get out until just after 10. But I loved my first day of work. That is all.