Wednesday, May 21, 2014


14 Ma decides she wants to  have her concealed carry license. No intent of owning a weapon, but she says she's American and she can.
13 Ma's behavior changes with the type of alcohol she drinks- with wine, she's political and with beer she's living like there's no tomorrow.
12 I tell my ma that pa's sister spanked me when I was but a small child but she wouldn't believe me. She never saw the handprint on my backside and never noticed that I couldn't sit for 4 days. She didn't trust me when I told her that it all started when her daughter lied.
10 Ma says she's going to quit smoking. She says she's doing just fine, but I always knew when she was in the garage with smoke billowing from her mouth as if it were a steamstack.
8 Ma tells me about one of the men she was engaged to. She let him borrow the keys to her car, he stole it and broke into her parent's house and took their wedding jewelry. Later she was beaten up by a hitman in the hood.
5 I realize that I've given up any childhood hopes and dreams because ma decided she'd focus more on the new kid in the house than she would me. Ma told me that no one wanted me and that I was never to have been a thought.
4 My sister is born and she's autistic, epileptic, has ADHD, and is classifed as having a cognitive disability. Ma thanks her unexisting God for the blessing of a second child.
2 Ma sits me on a table at a wedding and leaves me alone with an abusive cousin that lies when asked about the new bruise on my arm.
1 Ma is frustrated beyond belief when I say Daddy for the first time.
0 The day every father wishes their daughter to be like their mother.