Friday, August 1, 2014


 Maybe I do feel like doing this...

Justin, Zach, and Lilly have been my lifelines through this whole thing. And That 70's Show. And Pumpkin Cupcake everything. Basically it's the little things that help me hang on. The dog running up to me in the morning. Last minute meetings.
     On the other hand, I've been elected to the FACT Board of Directors. FACT is a group of teenagers in Wisconsin        Fighting Against Corporate Tobacco.
Being elected to this board requires me to attend a ton of legislative meetings and I have to recruit 5 new members (which P.s.- if you life in KTown, are 18 or younger, and would like to join, let me know), and have monthly telephone conference calls. So basically I'm a slave. But, I'm a slave that gets to have articles published in the newspaper. So boom.

     Dianne and I have a plot to take over the Board of Directors at school. It looks as though no one else is willing to put any effort into this thing, and if we want to be a decent group in the school, it's up to us to fix things. I will be the youngest Board officer if I am elected to be board president, but I'm excited. And nervous.

     Yours truly is now in Instagram! @Thatstagemanager   I've not one photo of myself on there yet but tons of my puppy and the little things I obsess over.

I have to pack for my trip to UWMilwaukee on Sunday- I am taking some classes as part of a 5 day camp where we'll develop designs for solar panels to be utilized in developing countries. I leave in less than 48 hours and I have nothing packed.