Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hello all,

Just thought I'd fill you fine folks in with what's been happening lately. I got another offer from a director at the local theater. This weekend is the closing weekend for James and the Giant Peach. It was a fun journey. I have 3 more shows then it's over :/ But I know a ton of people coming to see it. So I'm excited.

To bring on the sadness, I'm losing my best friend. She got a "boyfriend" (but she denies it every time) back in November and we've barely said a word to each other since. We used to be inseparable. Sleepovers every weekend (we had an 11 weekend streak going for us). Giggles and laughs 24/7. But then this guy came around and I feel as though he's stealing her from me. They've been attached to each others hip since November. It's like we're two strangers sitting across the table from each other. She's talking to him, I'm just there. It's so frustrating. I've tried to explain how I feel to her, but it's as though it goes in side and out the other. Does anyone have advice? I'm just kinda done with it all. Just. yeah.
   Moving on
Welp, I guess there's nothing to move on to. I've been so busy with work and school I haven't had much time for anything. I got my high school acceptance letter, so this girl will be a freshman at LakeView Technology Academy this fall. I work with an amazing lady up in the balcony at the local theater. She's hilarious. Just thought I'd add that in here. I've been on a Michael Buble run lately. Crazy Love: Hollywood Edition CD1 <3 My pride and joy.

So I'm on Tumblr. now... I never use it. I just read Backstage Badger. But feel free to follow me or whatever you do on there. I should probably know...

Thanks Loves
-Sam K